Žermanice Dam


Žermanice Dam is a water reservoir and dam near Žermanice, Moravian-Silesian Region, Czech Republic. The dam is built on the Lučina River and has a surface of 2.48 km². It was constructed from 1951–1958.

Nearby villages of Dolní Domaslavice, Lučina, Soběšovice, Žermanice, as well as the dam are a popular spots for water sports and other recreational activities. The dam is also used to supply water for factories in Ostrava and Paskov.

The valley reservoir in Lučina near Žermanice for the supply of operating water to the Ostrava industry was built between 1951 and 1957.

The insufficient water content of Lučina itself required the construction of a water transfer from the Morávka River, which was completed in 1959.

The system of water management works in the Morávka and Lučina river basins was supplemented by a later built reservoir in Morávka.

The purpose of the Žermanice waterworks is to supply Nová Huta as in Ostrava and Biocel Paskov as with process water, as well as to improve flows in the flow below the dam and to produce electricity. The reservoir and its surroundings are a popular recreational place.

The concrete gravity dam with a total concrete volume of 116,600 m 3 is established in an environment of complex geological conditions with the necessary structural modifications of the substructure and subsoil. Regular measurements of dam displacements and subsoil consolidation form an essential part of caring for the safe operation of a waterworks.

Basic technical data
The basin of the reservoir45.5 km 2
The length of the dam in the crown502.0 m
Max. dam height32.0 m
Total tank volume25.3 million m 3
stock18.5 million m 3
retention5.8 million m 3
permanent1.0 million m 3
The length of the flood5.5 km
Flood width2.2 km
Flooded area248 ha
Guaranteed outflow1.0 m 3 / s


Žermanice Dam
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