Zetes Industries S.A. / N.V. (Zetes Group) is a Belgian technology company headquartered in Brussels with operations in EuropeAfrica and the Middle East, employing more than 1 200 people in 22 countries.

Zetes provides IT solutions for supply chain optimization and citizen identification solutions. The company’s highest profile projects include the Belgian ID cards, drivers licenses and passports. The company also makes the Portuguese ID card, the Ivorian passport and Gambia’s biometric passport.

Business divisions

Goods identification

Zetes develops and implements automatic identification and data capture systems for different steps in the supply chain: manufacturingwarehousingtransportlogistics and retail. Zetes’ implementations are based on automatic ID technologies: bar codesRFIDprintingprint & applyvoice recognition, image ID. There are specialist solutions for pharmaceuticals and tobacco companies.

People identification

Zetes delivers secure people authentication solutions to governments, administrative units and public institutions, based on technologies: biometricsAFIS and smart cards. People authentication is used in the areas of people registration, secure document production and personalization, mass enrollment, data centralization and validation and electronic voting.


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