Zimnicea is a town in Teleorman CountyRomania (in the historic region of Muntenia), a port on the Danube opposite the Bulgarian city of Svishtov.


In the communist era, Zimnicea has undergone forced industrialization, and the new industries suffered a strong decline after the fall of the communist regime.

Education and culture

In Zimnicea there are 5 kindergartens, 4 elementary schools with primary and secondary education and one high school. The high school has 15 classrooms, a gym and a school workshop. Classes are attended by 511 students, with two shifts and evening school hours. Zimnicea High School has a library with 20,578 volumes and a science laboratory equipped with 30 computers.[citation needed]

School No.1, Miron Radu Paraschivescu has 15 classrooms, including 3 laboratories (physics, chemistry, biology), 5 cabinets teachers (mathematics, geography, design, religion, Romanian), a gym, a workshop school and a library.[citation needed]

The three elementary schools are: Miron Radu Paraschivescu Primary and Secondary School, School no. 2 and School no.3


Zimnicea does not have any artistic events held occasionally or permanently. The budget allocated for cultural activities are insufficient for a cultural life. Cultural institutions operating in Zimnicea are: the cultural centre and the town library.

The city library was founded in 1952 and after December 1989 received the name of local poet Miron Radu Paraschivescu.


The „Dunărica” children camp has a capacity of 200 accommodation places, with a football field and a tennis court, a kayak-canoe base and a cafeteria with 250 places.

“Zimtub SA” Zimnicea Hotel has a capacity of 48 rooms, a restaurant with 100 seats and a nightclub with 80 seats.

The amusement and recreation base “Disko – Hope” is situated on the Danube riverside and has a beach with, as well as an outdoor dancing club with a capacity of 1,200 places; There is also an amusement base at the beach from Cheson.


str. Giurgiu, no. 1, Zimnicea, Teleorman, 145400
+40 247 366 431