Zirc is a city ​​in Veszprém county , theonly town and center ofthe Zirc district , “thecapital ofthe Bakony “.

Points of interest 

Abbey Church 

The symbol of the town is the Cistercian basilica minor , which was built west of the medieval abbey in the 1700s (1737-1752) in Baroque style. The interior of the church dates from the 20th to the 21st century. At the turn of the 19th century, it underwent a major change: the frescoes were restored, revealing that the faces of the young people were originally visible under the faces painted to the elderly, and the white-painted sculptures were plated with gold. The designer of the church is unknown, the frescoes were made by Franz Anton Maulbertsch , the main altarpiece depicting the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary by József Wagmaister .

Cistercian Abbey 

The 18th-century wings of the typical Cistercian monastery in the central part of the city, connected to the church, were designed by the Carmelite monk Márton Witwer . Thanks to the building’s enlargements in the middle of the 19th century, the abbey accommodates two more institutions to visit: the country’s only rural natural history museum, the Bakony Natural History Museum , is located on the first floor of the building. Furthermore, the Antal Reguly Monument Library is operated by the National Széchényi Librarylocated on the second floor. At the same time, the Bakonyi Pantheon was visible in the inner courtyard, which is being moved to a new location. 

Almost only one building element remains of the old church: on the way to the railway station on Republic Street, we find the statue of St. Imre on the bundle of pillars that was part of the first church. (This pillar can also be found in the coat of arms of the city, more precisely the illustrated cross-section of the bundle of pillars left in its original place from the ruins of the church.)

Museum and Creative House founded in the birthplace of Antal Reguly

Those interested can get to know the local history and ethnography of Magas-Bakony at the exhibitions of the Museum and Creative House founded in the birthplace of Antal Reguly : the tools of the self-sufficient peasant society, the objects they present the works of candle makers, cafeterias, basket weavers to the visitors. Antal Reguly, a Hungarian researcher and Finno-Ugric researcher, can be seen in the museuma permanent exhibition presenting the life, travels, scientific research and folk art of the Bakony. The yard of the museum, founded in the birthplace of Antal Reguly, has workshops of folk crafts, in which both children and adults can work all year round, under the guidance of masters, by prior arrangement.

Agricultural engineering collection 

The Győr going to be considered as we leave the highway shortly after Zirc Agricultural Engineering collections , where European and international rarities, such as claw tractor, or Hofherr – Schrantz factory famous threshing machine can observe the visitors.

Zirc Arboretum Nature Reserve 

A unique value of the city is the internationally known and recognized nature reserve, the Arboretum . (The word arboretum comes from the Latin word arbor – living tree, i.e. arboretum = wooded garden, wooded park). The 20-hectare area is home to 110 species of trees and shrubs collected from five continents of the Earth. The grove was planted by the Cistercians around 178 in a fishpond built 600 years ago. The Zirc Arboretum is a typical English garden in which forest patches alternate with irregular clearings.

National Széchényi Library Cistercian Monument Library 

The monument library is located on the second floor of the abbey building. The first books were brought with them by the monks of Heinrichau in the 18th century. The holdings swelled to 65,000 volumes by 1950, and after the dissolution of the Cistercian order, the library became state property. Fortunately, its management was entrusted to the National Library , which still performs this task, while ownership reverted to the Cistercians. The library has 70 ancient prints and more than 300 antiques, many of which are unique in Hungary. The holdings are thematically primarily theology, but books can be found in most fields of science.The Great Hall of the Monument Library

Tourist destinations 

The natural values ​​of the region are also presented by the Pintér-hegy park forest study trail and the Prešov-hegy geological demonstration study trail located on the border of Olaszfalu (see: Prešov Mountain Study Trail ). You can go hiking anywhere in the area, the gorges of the Cuha Valley , the valley of the Gerence stream and the Ash Mountain offer many attractions.


  • Zirci Party: Between 1991 and 2015, a festival of family and friendship was held on the first weekend of July each year. From the very beginning, a free outdoor music festival in the heart of the Bakony awaits twenty thousand visitors from all over the country and abroad. He is a Pro Urbe Prize winner, part of the series of cultural tourism events in the city of Zirc, and in 2001 he was awarded the title of “Excellent Civil Organization of Veszprém County”. 


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