Znojmo Underground


The Znojmo Underground: prison cells and a wine cellar

The Znojmo Underground extends over several levels and is one of the largest underground labyrinths in Central Europe. Decide whether you would rather take the traditional tour, which mainly introduces you to the history of the city, or have a spookier experience on a less traditional tour along an alternative route. If you choose the second option, in the Mysterious Underground exhibition you will see fairytale characters, an alchemist’s workshop, lifelike rocks, and a display of prison cells. Special light effects round out the atmospheric spectacle. An interesting sight is a two-aisled hall reminiscent of a medieval hall of justice, which today serves as a wine cellar.


Znojmo Underground
Slepičí trh 275/2, 669 01 Znojmo
+420 515 221 342