Zudecche day surgery


Zudecche day surgery was inaugurated in Trieste on 23 September 2000: a private center created as a response to the “Bindi ”(229/199, known as“ Riforma-ter ”) to allow doctors, who worked in the structures of the National Health Service, to also exercise freelance activity.

Zudecche day surgery today offers the clinical, organizational and administrative possibility of carrying out surgical interventions, or even diagnostic and / or therapeutic procedures, in a hospitalization regime limited to the hours of the day or, at most, with only one overnight stay.

The “day surgery” is in fact the “one day surgery” to always be carried out in a protected environment and with precise dictates regulated by law.

Medical team


  • Prof. Renzo Carretta
  • Dr. Roberto Magris
  • Dr. Patrizia Maras

Aesthetic and plastic surgery

  • Prof. Pier Camillo Parodi
  • Dr. Andrea Daneu
  • Dr. Alessandro Ranieri
  • Dr. Fabrizio de Biasio
  • Dr. Nicola Panizzo
  • Dr. Emanuele Rampino Cordaro
  • Dr. Claudio Cordani
  • Dr. Loredana Moretti

General surgery

  • Dr. Giuliano Cecovini
  • Dr. Giuliano Bertoli
  • Dr. Laura Carolina Scevola

Maxillofacial surgery

  • Prof. Massimo Robiony

Minimally Invasive Surgery | female incontinence

  • Dr. Andrea Sartore

Pediatric surgery

  • Dr. Antonio Giannotta

Laser vascular surgery

  • Dr. Maurizio Ceschin
  • Dr. Alice Rotelli


  • Dr. Edvige Minkusch
  • Dr. Stanislava Tothova

Gastroenterology Gastroscopies-Colonoscopies

  • Dr. Luigi Buri


  • Prof. Secondo Guaschino
  • Dr. Paolo Bogatti
  • Dr. Rubina Banco

Hysteroscopy and operative diagnostics

  • Dr. Francesco Paolo Mangino

Sports medicine

  • Dr. Osvaldo Palombella

Internal Medicine and Metabolic Diseases

  • Prof. Luigi Cattin


  • Prof. Daniele Tognetto
  • Prof. Giuseppe Ravalico
  • Dr. Maurizio Battaglia Parodi
  • Dr. Sandro Saviano


  • Dr. Giuseppe Antonione
  • Dr. Sandro Vasselli


  • Dr. Giulio Bonivento
  • Dr. Francesco Marco Kostoris


  • Dr. Amedeo Cavarzerani
  • Dr. Domenico Leonardo Grasso
  • Dr. Giorgio Pelos
  • Dr. Marco Pin


  • Dr. Fulvio Ciani

Proctology | General surgery

  • Dr. Martina Tretjak

Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

  • Prof. Maurizio De Vanna

Pain relief therapy and minimally invasive surgery of the spine

  • Dr. Albert Azuelos

Urology and Andrology

  • Prof. Emanuele Belgrano
  • Prof. Bruno Frea
  • Dr. Giorgio Mazza
  • Dr. Diego Marega
  • Dr Andrea Dell’Adami


Zudecche day surgery
Via delle Zudecche 1, 34121 TRIESTE
(+39) 040 3478783